You're Not Alone


Mental illness has for too long been a taboo topic, within living memory children and adults who suffered from mental illness were simply put away from society in psych wards. It is a difficult disease for people to understand, and many people show fear when confronting it. However it is also extremely common over 40 million Americans are diagnosed with a mental health disorder, most of whom are able to live full and happy lives. Getting to that point isn’t always easy, but its possible, and you don’t have to go through it alone.

Open Up

Making oneself vulnerable is one of the most difficult things to do, it is even harder when your illness is trying to do everything to prevent it. However talking about what you are going through is necessary to recovery, most importantly is to open up to someone you trust. Find support groups, there are online communities and in person communities that often peer counseling.

Seek Appropriate Help

Some mental illness can be treated with lifestyle changes, or even diet alterations others require medical intervention, in all scenarios do not self treat but work with an experienced professional, ideally a Psychiatrist or Psychologist, in some cases both.

Celebrate Small Victories

The road to recovery can be long and daunting, with many slips on the way, but praise yourself for each little step you make, every victory is a sign that you are strong, that you are worthy and no slips can take that away.

Be Honest

It is easy once you start feeling better to think you don’t need treatment, but don’t fall into complacency continue following professional advice, and be truthful to yourself that this is an illness, and its okay that you have it. You may need meds for the rest of your life or only a few months but listen to your doctors.

Give Back

I have found immense relief in being able to share my experiences with others, I know hearing from people about their struggles when I was sick was incredibly helpful. Your experience could very well save someones life just by sharing it.

No matter how dark the path may be, you are never alone, others have walked it, many are right by your side.